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picThe Web is an actual medium in and of itself - something all too many designers and webmasters seem to forget. Not only does a site's design need to capture the visitor's attention, it needs to draw his eye to action points, then prompt him to act on these points, whether they be advertisements, calls to action, or simply content to be viewed. Web design glasgow can be what you need. A website's landing page has to do all of this while still being aesthetically pleasing, and provide easy and thorough navigation to the rest of this Glasgow site and content. That is a lot for one page to explain about Website Design Services! But it can be done, and we can help.

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We've just finished another client site, payday-loans.co.uk, but currently booked up until mid October at least. A landing page is the first page a visitor sees when he comes to your site. This page needs to provide the user with a concise synopsis of what he can expect to find on the site, where this content is located, and what purpose the website serves. The landing page serves as a sort of "thumbnail sketch" of the larger site, but it also needs to draw the visitor in, provide him some direction, and hopefully entice him into taking action. Sometimes, that action is to view, or click on, an advertisement, but that action could also be to sign-up for your newsletter, contact a representative for more information on Glasgow design, click on a link to an interior or exterior page, or just read or view the content presented.

As far as design itself goes, this is known as "drawing the eye." Through clever use of design elements and their composition, we create a landing page that draws the viewers' eye to an action point, or points. Once there, we position an effective "call to action" - an instruction or imperative which tempts the viewer to take action, without being too pushy. As an example of this, please see our work on a Theory Test application

Sometimes, customers prefer to entice the reader through carefully-worded text - text which uses its own techniques to present the call to action. In these cases, our purpose is to draw the viewer's eye to the text, so that he is enticed to read it and follow its suggestions. Point by point, the visitor becomes more and more compelled to take action.

Your specific action is tied to your website's intent. For small businesses, it is usually to entice the reader into making a purchase, but for many - e-commerce sites and non-business, alike - it may be to sign-up for a newsletter, e-mail list, or make contact with a representative. Establishing a newsletter gives you a way to contact all of your site's visitors in a non-intrusive manner, and is one of the first services all new websites should install. With this newsletter, you can inform visitors of changes to your site, as well as events and sales, and more.

Navigation is another, and possibly the most important, aspect of web design. Information sites, such as blogs and news sites, often include menus across the top, right-, or left-hand side. In this manner, the reader is reassured that he can find the information he needs, because there is a navigational system in clear view. Other sites, such as e-commerce sites or those dedicated to visual interests, such as art galleries or photography sites, may be a bit more creative with their navigation. Sometimes, there is little or no navigation, and this is for a purpose: This compels the viewer to take his time viewing the content. However, such designs can backfire - confusing and frustrating the viewer when he cannot find the information or content for which he is looking. It can be difficult to know just what will work for a website, especially for newer webmasters.

We have practical experience designing websites of all type, and know the ins and outs of the craft. Whatever your business, we can help. We also know the practical side of webdesign, such as how to title pages and include META data (keywords, author, and more) without overloading them. Too little META data and it is useless; too much, and you run the risk of search engines flagging your site as spam! Instead of worrying about all of these details, why not let us handle the design aspects in your Glasgow web design so you can focus on the content you wish to present?

We use licensed clip art, as well as original work, combined with elements designed specifically for your site, and compositional effects, to create a landing page and interior pages that will appeal to your target audience, communicate your site's intent, and compel viewers to act. We can also develop unique "templates" for your pages, so that you can update and alter the content as you need.

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